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Beautify Your Living Spaces with Elegant Candles and Candle Holders

At Papa Ed’s Emporium, we are constantly upgrading our inventory to meet new trends and market demands, and give all clients the opportunity to find and buy a beautiful piece that could easily become a part of their unique story.
We stock and sell a wide range of candles and candle holders, available in a myriad of popular styles, shapes and colors. Each holder and candle that we provide can brighten up a part of one’s living space, turning it into a more vivid, stylish and welcoming environment. Our Black Stagecoach Lantern, Clear Glass Moroccan Lantern, and top-selling Mini Birdcage Candleholder are only a few of the spectacular decorative holders that we take pride in.
You could opt for rustic, timeless pieces featuring cutout metal work and colorful glass that flood your space with rays of colorful light, or go for metal wall plaques supporting glass votive cups that ensure a more modernistic look. Either way, rest assured that all our candles and candle holders are delightful exotic accents that will enable your living space to make a powerful style statement.

Use Our Majestic Fountains to Create Your Oasis of Peace and Relaxation

If you’re looking for beautiful additions meant to calm your nerves, help you cope with daily stressors, and improve curb appeal at the same time, don’t hesitate to admire our spectacular collection of decorate water fountains. Our large inventory allows us to surprise our customers with different types of fountains-from models inspired by natural, floral elements, such as the stunning Calla Lilly Water Fountain to items that send an invitation to meditation, and boost your wellbeing through their attractive design particularities, like the Calming Buddha Head Fountain or the Apple Barrel Fountain.
Contemporary chic, ludic, Asian-inspired or rustic, our decorate water fountains are versatile artworks that can improve your mood with their soothing sounds and inspired design. Find your favorite model and buy it with a click today.

Papa Ed's Emporium Is the Place to Shop for People Who Are Hard to Shop for

Is your quest to find the perfect present for a special someone gradually turning into a nightmare? If so, just put a new shopping destination on your map. At Papa Ed's Emporium, we stock and sell a great variety of high quality, affordable items that make spectacular gift ideas. We have everything for everyone, and we can easily turn your store visit into a fulfilling shopping experience that you’ll want to repeat over and over again.

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